Manifest $10K Live...

Join Cassie to go deeper on the concepts she teaches in Manifest $10K so that you can manifest more money quicker and easier...

Doors Close: December 11th


Special Early Bird Price Ends: November 30th

Quick Glance at Manifest $10K Live

Do you want to learn how to manifest money quickly and easily? Manifest $10K is a course that teaches people how to manifest $10,000 in 90 days. Manifest $10K Live is going to take everything to a deeper level so that you know how to manifest quicker and easier. Being live and in person will help the lessons stick and help you welcome more and more money into your life.

Through an interactive workshop, Cassie is going to show you where your money blocks are, open you up to receiving and teach you how to create the best possible relationship with money so that it shows up and stays around. 

Before you invest in this course, make sure you are ready to receive more money, and create more time and freedom in your life.

What is Manifest $10K Live?

Manifest $10K is a unique experience in a room with like-minded people. It takes you deeper into the work Cassie teaches in her best-selling book Manifest $10,000 and her popular course Manifest $10K. 

How Does Manifest $10K Live Work?

First, you register by clicking on one of the buttons that says "click for details." Second, you show up. Third, Cassie will take you through her system which has supported thousands in creating hundreds of thousands of dollars.  

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What’s the Deadline to Manifest $10K Live?

Registration will close about a week before the event begins.

The price will go up, the closer we get to the event, so register now for the best deal.

2. I’m In! Is there anything to do prior to Manifest $10K Live?

If you feel inspired, start working through the Manifest $10K course material.

3. Tell Me Again: Where Is Manifest $10K Happening?

The Four Seasons, Denver. January 12-14th, 2017.

4. How do I find a hotel?

Use any travel site you prefer and look for hotels close to the Four Seasons, Denver. 

5. Do I need to rent a car?

That's a personal choice. However, you'll want to make sure you understand how much you are going to have to pay for parking. My suggestion is to take the train into Downtown and utilzie ride services when you need them. Being driven around is a great way to practice luxury.

6. Tell Me More about Manifest $10K Live. What Can I Expect?

A once in a lifetime experience surrounded by like-minded people opening up to more money in their lives.

7. Can You Give Me Some Examples of What I'll Leanr?

The possibilities for "ah-has" and breakthroughs are infinite. Here are few specifics you'll learn…

How to create clear paths for money to appear: Creating clear paths so that money can easily show up, opens the door for more ease and quicker manifesting.

How to identify your abundance feelings: Your abundance feelings are tied to ease of manifesting. When you are clear about them you can super charge your manifesting power.

How to focus on what you REALLY want: 

Clarity yields results. 

How do I know if this is for me?

Go with your gut. If it's calling to you or you are feeling pulled to say yes, honor that and say yes.

How do I know if it's not for me? You feel like it's a scam or your skeptical or you're getting that feeling like, "this isn't for me."

What if I'm not sure if I should come? Get quiet and ask yourself, "Am I supposed to attend Manifest $10K Live. Then honor the answer you get.

You know the answer

9. Can I invite my friend or spouse to come with me?

Yes. Once you register you will receive a special link to invite others and they will register at a discounted rate.

9. What if I don't know anyone who is going?

You're going to be in a room of like-minded people who have the intention of learning how to manifest more money into their lives. You will have that in common with everyone you are sitting next to which means you'll make new friends fast. You might even meet a new best friend.

10. I've never done a live event before, what can I expect?

To leave tranformed in the way you think about money and have the tools to manifest more of it quicker and easier than ever before.

I totally get that sounds a little out there and you might be wondering how is that possible? The reason I can tell you it's possible is because I have hundreds of success stories of peope who manifested more money, more time and more freedom for themselves during the course. I know the results are going to be even more impactful going through the process live with a group.

Features of Manifest $10K Live:

  • In person
  • 3 days of opening to more and more possibilities
  • Group energy and intention
  • Lots of celebration
  • Fun
  • Getting to be in the room with me, Cassie

11. Is There a Guarantee?

Honestly, I'm all about intention and my intention for you is that you will leave with the step by step process to manifest more money into your life and that your belief in possibilities will be expanded.


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